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eito dragon
  • mitani

☼ WEEK 010 [voting] HAPPY

Since so few people participated there will be no special category this week.

Theme: Happy
All are allowed to vote(members and non-members), please don't vote for your own icon!
And please don't vote for the same icon twice~

Vote in this format:
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:
Collapse )

Voting will end Sunday Midnight CET & comments will be screened~<3
eito dragon
  • mitani

☼ WEEK 010 [extention] HAPPY

I see myself forced to extend the theme "Happy" another week since I only got submissions from 2 people excluding myself, it makes me a little sad because I know there are soooo many good maru-icone'ers out there and this group has a few more members than the ones submitting too, so why does this community end up with so little icons?

If I'm a bad mod or my themes simply are no good, please feel free to tell me .__.
I also happily listen to any wish you guys must have, so please don't keep quiet out there! m(;__;)m

Now you are still able to submit to the theme "Happy" until May 30th around midnight central european time.
eito dragon
  • mitani

☼ WEEK 010 [submission] HAPPY

time for a new theme :3

WEEK TEN theme: Happy
○ All icons must contain Maru and/or something related to him‼
○ You must be a member to submit icons, non-members can vote‼
○ You're allowed to submit up to 3 icons each week
Animated icons aren't allowed‼
○ Icons must meet LJ requirements
○ Icons must be new and not be posted anywhere else until voting closes‼

○ Comments will be screened
○ Submission ends Friday 30th May Midnight, central European time

Submit like this:

URL: http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh130/Maru_Awards/maru.png